Benefits of Solar Pool Heating:

  • Zero monthly recurring costs
  • Doubles your swim season
  • 100% resale value*
  • Environmentally friendly – zero emissions!
  • Twice the lifespan of conventional gas and electric heaters
  • Low annual maintenance
  • Ability to cool your pool off in the summer


If you are looking for a pool heating solution that doubles your current swim season and has zero monthly recurring costs, look no further than solar heating! Solar pool heating harnesses the thermal energy of the sun, so your investment is limited to the installation of the solar collectors.


  • Our team, led by our Solar Designer and our President, can provide you with a customized solar energy solution that takes your unique needs and property characteristics into consideration. Factors like how often you would like to swim, the temperature you or your guests enjoy swimming in, and the seasonal climate of your region all play a part in our design.
  • Your home or business’ design also matters—unlike many solar companies, our Southern Arizona solar installers offer ground mounts and structural solar mounts, off-grid systems, and hybrid units. Our product recommendation will depend on the design of your roof and your preferences regarding the appearance of your system.


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