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Pets, Toys and Gates Gates: We understand that you might want to keep anyone from entering your backyard, but on the day of service, we ask that the gate be left open so our technician can enter your backyard to service your pool. If upon arrival, the gate is locked, we will not service your pool. If you would like, you can provide us with a copy of the key and we will use that to enter the backyard. The technician will then lock the gate on departure. Pets: Our technicians love your pets, but your pets don’t always love us. On the day that we service your pool, we ask that any dogs that might not be too friendly, be restrained in some form, whether that be having the dog inside of the house, a garage or an enclosure meant for your pet. Our technician’s safety is very important to us, and if a pet doesn’t seem friendly we will be unable to service your pool. Toys: Toys make a trip to the pool much more enjoyable. whether it be squirt guns, pool noodles or rings, everyone love pool toys. After the day is done though, we ask that the toys be removed from the pool as those toys can keep the pool from being cleaned. Pool noodles and other floatation devices can block the skimmer opening, keeping the surface of the water from being cleaned. Toys that sink to the bottom keep the pool cleaner from removing debris, and can potentially clog the cleaner or worse, breaking an expensive part on a cleaner. To keep any of this from happening, we ask that toys be removed after the summer time fun is done.
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