Full service

$140 per month

The Full service is the same as the partial but with the addition of removing the debris floating on the water’s surface. This service is recommended for pools with large amounts of plant life surrounding the pool.

partial service

$120 per month

The Partial Service consists of us visiting your

pool and: Brush the shallow end steps and all the swimouts in the deep end (brush spa is applicable)
balance pool with basic chemicals (stabilizer, phosphate and yellow algae treatments are not included)
Clean all baskets (pump, skimmer, and pool sweep bag)
check the equipment for problems on a weekly basis, all small repairs are included Filter cleanings are an additional charge


Chemical service

$80 per month

The Chemical Service consists of us visiting

your pool on a weekly basis and checking the chemicals in the  pool as well as checking the pool equipment to be sure that everything is working properly. Your water is tested and basic chemicals are added on an as-needed basis. The basic chemicals consist of liquid chlorine, muriatic acid and sodium bicarbonate. It does NOT include chemicals such as clarifier, cyanuric acid, or phosphate remover. The maintenance of the pool is left to the client and are responsible for maintaining the pool clear of debris.

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